Property Management Services

One of the core capabilities of Gaston & Wilkerson Management Group is our turn-key property management practices and services. With well over a quarter of a billion dollars in fully managed assets, Gaston & Wilkerson Management Group are experts in managing a diverse group of property types such as mini-storage, mobile home parks, flex office and warehouse spaces, general and medical offices, commercial and residential ownership associations, condo business parks and apartment complexes.

We deliver the maximum performance possible from each managed property, in terms of occupancy rates, revenue and profit generation, high quality and high-value maintenance activities and tenant prospecting and retention programs.

Asset Management

Because of our long-standing, successful relationships with our clientele, many of our properties have evolved into full asset management accounts – where complete authority is vested in our staff to fulfill the largest fiduciary responsibility possible. Our asset management accounts are expertly managed by dedicated, professional property managers whose sole focus is ensuring the success of our clients’ investment.


Gaston & Wilkerson Management Group has been engaged by institutional, regional and local lenders to provide comprehensive receivership services. Being a full-service organization that currently manages both commercial and multi-family properties we can reduce the exposure to a lender and decrease management costs by offering both the receivership and management components under one roof.

Gaston and Wilkerson Management Group has a singular focus on asset stabilization and cost controls that result in preserving the value of real property assets. We specialize in assessing asset conditions, implementing marketing activities, determining construction or future development needs and pursuing activities to maximize the value of the assets. Company president Donald B. Wilkerson, CPM®, has served as a receiver for properties including office, hotel, retail, industrial and multi-family. Our team approaches each situation based on practical experience, skill, and absolute integrity.

Consulting Services

As a recognized leader in property management services and real estate income maximization, Gaston & Wilkerson Management Group can provide valuable guidance in initiating or evaluating a new real estate investment venture. We offer specific assistance in developing projects from inception or conversion of existing properties.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a significant part of the Gaston & Wilkerson services portfolio. Our years of expertise in both commercial and residential property management allow our organization to ensure that our clientele receives maximum value for their capital investment. Gaston & Wilkerson Management Group leverages local and regional market dynamics coupled with an extensive knowledge pool to scrutinize every facet of the pre-investment process including:

  • Sales Contract Negotiation and Details
  • Pre-Existing Liability Analysis
  • Financial Requirements Including the Appraisal, Debt & Equity Structure, Budgeting, Distribution and Exit Plans
  • Requirements to Maintain and Improve Occupancy
  • Operational and Expense Analysis
  • Physical Infrastructure Requirements and Inspections, Including Associated Reports
  • Legal and Title Requirements
  • Market Factors, Market Strategies with Recommendations and Impact Analysis
  • Management and Staffing Analysis
  • Resident Services Analysis
  • Capital Improvement Analysis and Recommendations

Property Management

ROI/ROE Strategies: Gaston & Wilkerson Management Group provides an on-going, professional services that include a strategic point-of-view on practical, short and long-term return on investment and return on equity activities.